On April 21, it was announced that 18 mayors across the state of Pennsylvania added their support to efforts that were being made by Mothers Against Drunk Driving to prevent drinking by underage individuals in the state. It was declared to be PowerTalk 21 Day, which is the organization’s national day for talking discussing underage drinking with kids.

The mayor of West Newton stated that the dangers surrounding alcohol was a discussion that needed to start at home. Parents should be having these discussions with their kids before they start high school, as they are more likely to face situations where underage drinking will occur. The mayor of Monessen noted that the area was known for drug distribution. Alcohol use was also an issue that must be dealt with. The mayor also mentioned that many kids faced peer pressure to abuse alcohol.

MADD offered free short online workshops for parents who had children in middle school and high school. These workshops were offered after 75 percent of children stated that their parents were their biggest influences when it came to underage alcohol use.

Underage alcohol use can lead to severe punishments, especially if the underage person is charged with drunk driving. Most states have zero tolerance laws in place for underage drivers, and the penalties for a conviction could have an impact on a defendant’s job opportunities or college plans. As a result, obtaining the services of a criminal defense attorney can be an advisable first step for the parents of a person who has been issued these charges to take.

Source: Herald Standard, “Local mayors declare support for anti-drunk driving initiative“, Mike Tony, April 21, 2016

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